Yottaa Product Update - Spring 2017

Yottaa has released an update to accommodate various feature requests, as well as a few bug fixes. This release was focused on Advanced Threat Signature WAF and Dashboard functionality. 


Multiple Request URL Exceptions

We have added the functionality to include multiple "Request URLs" when defining logic around configurations. This can be found in the portal when defining Global Exceptions, QuickTune rules, Exceptions to InstantOn etc.. The new functionality will allow for more granular control of how specific URLs are handled on your site.

Traffic Issues Tab

There has been an update the Severity options of the Issues Tab. When hovering over the Severity flag, it will now display the Severity level. We have also added the functionality of clicking the Severity Flag to redirect to the issues details screen.

Site Actions included in Traffic Analytics

There has been an update to Traffic Analytics that will now display site action flags at the bottom of the Analytics Graph. The following actions will create a flag in the Traffic Analytics dashboard:

  • Status change to live
  • Status change to transparent proxy
  • Status change to bypass mode
  • Site Cache Flushed
  • Site Deactivate
  • Site Activate

Profile Sorting included in Traffic Analytics

We have added a Profiles pie chart at the top of the Traffic Analytics Dashboard. This will allow for easier control when digging into Traffic Analytics based off of Yottaa Profiles.

Top Regions in Traffic Analytics

There has been a new "Top Regions" chart added to the Traffic Analytics Dashboard located directly under the TA Graph. This will display more granular counts based on Regions within the Top Countries chart.

Response Code Tool Tip in Traffic Analytics

Added functionality in the Traffic Analytics Dashboard where hovering over the Response Code filter will display the status code names.


Scheduled Email Report

Using default reports, or after customizing the filters you have the option to Export as PDF or Email the report. This will give a PDF attachment of the report, as well as a link that will take the recipient to  the Dashboard to view the interactive report. There is an option to schedule the report for future occurrences.



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