What does "Activate Optimizer" mean?

"Activate Optimizer" configures Yottaa to optimize the live traffic on your website.

Before activating optimization, Yottaa provides you with a special "preview" URL so that you can safely adjust optimization settings and evaluate the results without affecting your live traffic. Once you're ready, click Activate Optimizer to start the go live process.

Activating Yottaa Optimizer is as simple as adding a CNAME entry to your DNS. You create a CNAME to point your website's domain to the special yottaa.net URL we give you, and we take care of the rest. A step by step Activation wizard will guide you through this activation process.

After you activate Optimizer, your live traffic will start to flow through Yottaa, and your users will enjoy exceptional mobile and web performance with fewer distractions, and your web infrastructure will be more robust, resilient and scalable.

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