What happens when I deactivate Yottaa?

In many cases, users intend to pause and not deactivate Yottaa. Please see the information on pausing Yottaa before continuing

If you want to completely deactivate the Yottaa service, we provide a deactivation wizard that guides you through the necessary steps. Your site will then enter a "Deactivating" mode while Yottaa optimizations are being removed from your site.

The duration your site will be in Deactivating mode is the same as the TTL of your DNS record. During the TTL window, some of your site traffic may still reach Yottaa while some may reach your site directly. Yottaa ensures all requests it received will be reach your site and processed correctly, without disrupting your site traffic. At the same time, all your optimization settings are still saved and available. This way, should you wish to re-activate your site, you can do so without losing your configurations.

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