How do I segment and filter automated traffic from my site analytics?

When you use Yottaa to assess, monitor and benchmark your website performance and health, our real browsers all around the world visit your site. This means your web analytics (e.g. Google Analytics) will, by default, include these visits in your reports. Fortunately it's very easy to filter this automated traffic.

Yottaa monitoring robots use real browser User-Agent headers, to ensure that any browser specific content is served appropriately. However, in order to make it possible to segment and filter the Yottaa Monitor traffic, we set the version number of the browser to "99.0". Our monitors also add YottaaMonitor to the user-agent string.

You can set up a filter in Google Analytics to filter out any user agent whose version string matches "99.0".

Read detailed step-by-step instructions for setting up simple filters and segments in Google Analytics. The instructions and screenshots are specific to Google Analytics but the same principles apply to any web analytics solution.

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