How does Yottaa verify domain ownership?

This article relates to optimizing secure sites (HTTPS) with Yottaa.

Yottaa's activation process for HTTPS websites involves our SSL cert provider sending a verification email to the owner of the domain. Clicking a link in this email (a) proves you own the domain and (b) authorizes Yottaa to host a valid, CA-signed SSL cert on your behalf. The choice of email addresses to which this verification email can be sent is limited. It includes only those listed in the public WHOIS record for the domain, as well as a small number of additional specific addresses (such as "admin" and "webmaster"). This is to help prevent fraud or domain hijacking and is a critical security step in the provisioning of your SSL Certificate.

If you are a Yottaa customer in the process of activating your HTTPS website with Yottaa Optimizer, and you are not able to receive email on any of the listed email addresses, you will need to either:

a) Contact your site administrator to gain control of one of the valid email addresses,
b) Contact the administrator who does control one of these valid email addresses and let them know to approve the verification by following the link in the email they'll receive, or
c) Update the WHOIS record for the domain with your registrar, to make the address you do control appear in the public record as an administrative contact.

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