How do I flush my Yottaa Cache?

There are two options for flushing your cache in Yottaa: Flush everything in cache for a site, or flushing specific assets individually out of cache.

Flushing the whole cache

To flush the whole cache, go into the Yottaa portal. In Sites, click the dropdown to select the site you want to flush the cache for.

Once you've selected the site, click on the site name at the top left of the sidebar. From here, you can Flush All Cache:


Flush All Cache will flush all assets in your Yottaa cache. This is especially useful in situations where you've redesigned your site, or a large portion of assets have changed recently. However, there are situations where you only need to refresh a few assets, such as a updating a product image in a few sizes. In these cases, you can flush specific URLs.

Flushing Specific URLs

To flush specific URLs, go to the same menu as above. However, instead of selecting Flush all cache select Flush cache for specific URL. You'll then see the Flush URLs dialogue. 

To flush a specific asset, put the http:// URL of the asset on your origin server (as shown above) into the box. If you are flushing multiple assets, click the green + button after each asset. They will be listed below, as shown in the picture. Once you've listed all assets that you would like flushed (up to 15 at a time), click the FLUSH button. This will flush all of the assets you have listed, but leave the rest of your files in cache until they naturally expire. 

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