Yottaa Engagement Cloud Update - January 2014 Release


Yottaa has just released an exciting update to our cloud service.  The Yottaa Engagement Cloud maximizes engagement to drive conversions and revenue for any online business.  This update covers the new features and interfaces for the Yottaa Portal UI.


Feature Highlights

  • New User Interface - Portal V3
    • Yottaa has streamlined our user interface, ensuring you can better focus on the configuration, monitoring and optimization efforts for a site. Note: despite the redesign, we have maintained the legacy interfaces for Monitoring, DNS and Tests so ensure a smooth transition for customers who have been using those features.
  • Profile-based Optimization
    • Yottaa now allows any user to configure specific optimizations for Mobile and Search Engine traffic.  This new capability allows any site to maximize its conversion potential across various visitor browsing contexts. 
  • Application Sequencing: Transformer
    • The Transformer feature allows you to insert, remove, move or change any content on any page with rules that can be applied site-wide, or for specific assets.  A component of Yottaa's Application Sequencing technology, the transformer provides the benefits of custom coding without the time, effort and errors involved in doing it yourself.
  • Mobile monitoring and tests
    • Multivariate testing and monitoring has been extended to mobile devices.  Now you can maintain an unblinking view of your visitor's mobile experience and receive proactive notifications on availability or performance challenges across devices, wireless networks, geographies and browsers.
  • Traffic blocking by geography and IP address range (CIDR block)
    • Securing your infrastructure and ensuring a consistent level of performance for all of your users is even easier with improved interfaces for IP and Geo blocking, in addition to Yottaa's traffic throttling capability.
  • Team management 
    • The Yottaa Portal UI now supports team collaboration and role assignment. Invite collaborators into your organization to share insights through monitors and tests, and coordinate optimization responsibilities across organization members. 


Updates and Enhancements

  • Default optimizations for new sites added to Yottaa are more powerful, and provide a greater benefit to site speed and reliability out-of-the-box
  • Responsive Image optimizations are now easier to create and maintain with an updated interface
  • Monitoring locations are now running the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer
  • REST API performance has been significantly improved



Contact us at support@yottaa.com


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