Yottaa Product Update - March 2014


Yottaa has just released an exciting update to our cloud service.  This update covers the new features and interfaces deployed to the Yottaa Engagement Cloud and web Portal UI.


Feature Highlights

    • Application Sequencing: Transformer UI
      • The Transformer feature allows you to insert, remove, move or change any content on any page with rules that can be applied site-wide, or for specific assets.  A component of Yottaa's Application Sequencing technology, the transformer provides the benefits of custom coding without the time, effort and errors involved in doing it yourself.  This release adds a simple yet powerful configuration interface to the web Portal at apps.yottaa.com.  Read our documentation for more information on using the Transformer UI
    • Application Sequencing: RapidTag UI
      • RapidTag allows any arbitrary tag to be prioritized and custom loaded in response to visitor context.  A component of Application Sequencing, RapidTag allows you to easily discover or modify tags to specify when and how they are delivered to and displayed by the visitor's browser. The simple yet powerful web Portal UI allows you to easily configure powerful rules that specify whether tags are delay-loaded, or loaded on-demand based on visitor inputs.  Read our documentation for more information on using the RapidTag UI.
    • Custom L7 traffic management and firewall rules
      • Securing your infrastructure and ensuring a consistent level of performance for all of your users is even easier with improved capabilities for defining custom rules based on any visitor's session properties.  This includes all L7 information, HTML headers, geography, user agent, and more.  For more information on applying custom L7 firewall rules, please contact support@yottaa.com.
    • A/B Testing Capability with Google Analytics Integration
      • Yottaa now provides the ability to perform A/B testing that integrates directly with Google Analytics using custom metrics or dimensions.  The web Portal UI component will be added soon, but for now, your Professional Services onboarding process will include configuring Google Analytics access to highlight the benefits you receive using Yottaa, vs. your pre-Yottaa website performance.  This integration will highlight not only the acceleration benefits Yottaa provides, but provide a metrics-driven means of better engaging with us and extracting additional value from your Yottaa subscription. 



Contact us at support@yottaa.com


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