What does InstantOn do?

InstantOn is a feature that dynamically caches parts of your HTML pages. By default, we usually cache everything in the "head" section of the page, stopping at the <body> tag. Here is an example of a very brief HTML page:



<title>This is the page title</title>

<style>Here are your .css files</style>

<script>Here are some of the scripts that make your site function</script>


------- Everything above this line is cached by InstantOn using the default setting -----

<body>This is where the page content goes</body>


With default settings for InstantOn and the page above, the client will receive the html page in 2 chunks. The first chunk, above the line, is delivered by Yottaa's CDN as fast as we can deliver it. This allows the browser to start loading all stylesheets and scripts linked in the <head> section of the page, without having to access your origin server.

The second chunk is the part below the line, and it comes from your origin server. This allows dynamic, customer-specific content to be loaded from your origin while still benefiting from caching the first part. This generally leads to dramatically better performance.

The caveat here is that, depending on where your personalized or dynamic items are located on the page, it can get "caught" in InstantOn. The easiest way around this is to store all dynamic info in the body of the page, or cookies. You could also use ajax to call the personal info after the cached head has loaded.

InstantOn is just one part of the Application Sequencing suite that Yottaa provides. To learn more, click here.

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