Yottaa Product Update - February 18, 2014


Yottaa has released an update to our online web Portal. We have successfully deployed a new billing system today, Tuesday, February18th, 2014. The details for this release are described below. If you have any questions, please file a support ticket and we will contact you shortly.


Billing System Update

Yottaa has implemented a new subscription and billing solution.  This update will provide our customers with increased self-serve capability, better visibility and an improved experience from Yottaa billing.

This update resulted in a user interface update, which consolidates and simplifies your profile and account information into a single Accounts page.  Instructions on using our new Accounts page is included in our online documentation. 


Additional Updates

We have implemented static limits on all monitoring plans, and monitoring objects.  This will eliminate overage charges for exceeding plan limits for monitoring and notifications.  What this means to you, is that once your account has reached its plan limits for HTTP monitors, Web monitors (including Benchmarks) or SMS alerts, no more usage will occur.  Should the situation arise that you require additional monitoring samples or SMS alerts for your subscription plan, please contact sales@yottaa.com

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