How To: Change my Origin Server

There are many reasons that you might want to change your Origin Server, such as if you are changing service providers, or that provider is changing the address that your site will be reached at. Here's how to do it:

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. Select the site from your list of sites:
  3. In the left pane expand the Site Settings option, and select the Domain & Origin Server tab:
  4. Here you will see the "Domain Name" page. We are looking for the left half of the page, that looks like this:

In the above image, the Origin Server is the IP address "" You can also use a web address. We are now going to switch Origin Servers. We're going to switch it to a web address, but you can also use a different IP address. Let's get started. This all will take place inside the grey rounded rectangle.

  1. Click the green "add origin server" link: 
  2. Type in the new origin server address:
  3. Click "add" and you will see both origin servers listed. With multiple origin servers, Yottaa will round-robin requests between the two. However, it does not do any sort of intelligent load balancing. We recommend that, if you have multiple origin servers, you use a load-balancer and set the load-balancer as the origin server. In light of that, We will now remove the initial origin server entry. To do so, click the red "remove" link next to it: 
  4. The portal will ask you to confirm that you would like to remove the entry. Click "yes." You should now have a single entry, like so:

Congratulations! You have now successfully updated the origin server entry for your site!

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