Should I turn on HTML Caching?

In most cases, we do not recommend turning on HTML caching. If your site loads any dynamic content as part of the HTML, it can cause issues. If your site does not put any dynamic content into the HTML of the page, however, it should work.

Dynamic content can mean all sorts of different things. Common examples on e-commerce sites include showing how many products are in a user's shopping cart, showing a logged-in user's name, showing user-specific product selection, sales, or even user-specific pricing. There are many things that can be served dynamically through the HTML, those are just a few examples.

Example of dynamic cart content

Some sites load their dynamic data via ajax calls, after the site has loaded. If this is how yours works, then HTML caching is okay for your site. If your mobile site does not include any dynamic content, then HTML caching is okay for your site. If you don't change prices often, then HTML caching is okay for your site. However, we find that any performance boost is usually overshadowed by some loss of functionality.

If you would like to turn on this function, get in touch with us to make sure it will work for you.

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