What IP addresses is Yottaa using to gather content from my origin server?

Many servers have throttling mechanisms that will block too many connections from a single server. When adding the Yottaa service to your site, you'll want to whitelist Yottaa loadbalancer IPs from these services. You can use an API call to find out what these IPs are. You'll have to get your API key and User ID key on the API Key section of the Account page:

(Your actual API key will display where appropriate)

Option 1: Command Line (cURL)

Input the keys on that page into the spaces marked by "***" in the following curl command to get back the IPs:

$ curl -H "Yottaa-API-KEY: ***" "https://api.yottaa.com/YottaaIPs?user_id=***"

Option 2: Chrome App (Postman)

If you are uncomfortable with the command line, you can use a Google Chrome extension app, like Postman, to achieve the same results. Here's how:

  1. Open Google Chrome. If you do not have Google Chrome, download it from http://chrome.google.com/
  2. In Chrome, download the Postman App.
  3. Open the Postman app in Chrome.
  4. Where it says "Enter request URL here," put
  5. Click
  6. In the "URL Parameter Key" field that appears, put
  7. In "Value" on that same line, paste in the Yottaa User ID that we found above.
  8. Click 
  9. In the "Headers" field that appears, put in
  10. n the "Value" field next to it, past your Yottaa API Key.
  11. This is how the Postman screen should look:
  12. If everything looks correct, click the blue "Send" button. It will change to "Fetching data..." and the bottom half of the screen will show "Loading," like so:

Once that finishes loading, the bottom half of the screen will display a list of IP addresses, which you should add to your whitelist.

Please note: This feature is not available for all subscription levels. Please contact support@yottaa.com if you believe you should have access and do not.

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