Does Yottaa track my customers?

When you send your traffic through the Yottaa Network, some limited but necessary tracking of that traffic does happen. However, we do not track any user-specific information. It is limited to the following situations:


Yottaa does not add, subtract, or keep any cookies during the optimization process. They are passed to and from the customer to the origin unadulterated.

If you are using InstantOn, the cookies will be delivered via javascript. If you would prefer to have them come as part of the second "chunk" of the page, we can enable HTTP-only headers.

HTTP Headers

All internet traffic that flows through the Yottaa Network will have a few headers added to it.

Headers to Origin

When your site is live on Yottaa, all traffic will pass through the Yottaa network. If your site tracks customers based on IP, please use one of the following headers to Yottaa will add headers to http requests sent to origin to help your server parse traffic better. The headers added are:

  • X-Forwarded-For: The IP address(es) that the traffic has originally come from before hitting the Yottaa network. This allows your server to differentiate traffic.
  • True-Client-IP: The IP address that your origin server would see as the IP address of incoming traffic, if Yottaa were not optimizing your site.

Headers to Customer

Yottaa will add a few HTTP headers to requests that are processed through Yottaa and sent to the customer's browser. These headers do not contain any user-specific information and are exclusively for internal troubleshooting in case of a service issue. They are:

  • X-Yottaa-Metrics
  • X-Yottaa-Optimizations
  • X-Yottaa-ForceCache

Additionally, our CDN providers may add their own headers. They do not send any cookies.

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