How To: Write a good support ticket

We have support available primarily through LiveChat and Email. LiveChat is good for quick questions. However, sometimes you need to send an email. We respond to emails as soon as possible, and find that the most common reason for a delay in a fix is having to get more information from the customer. If you'd like to skip that step, here are some tips for sending an email that will help us resolve your issue as soon as possible.

Be Specific

If there's one over-arching theme to this guide, it's to be as specific as possible about the issue you are seeing. The more specific you are, the more concrete examples we can use to figure out the root cause of the problem, and the solution to that problem. For example, "The site is broken" is very vague, and we'll usually need more info. However, "The contact page at is showing the wrong image on the left side" is more specific, and more helpful towards the troubleshooting process.

If you have multiple sites on your account, or you are emailing from an email account other than the primary account holder, please include the domain that the issue is occurring on.

Provide Steps to Reproduce

If you have figured out a way to recreate the problem, please include those steps in your support request. In some cases, this is as simple as “Go to” However, sometimes it requires logging into a website, or even a multiple-step process to see the problem. Please use as much detail as necessary for these steps.

Describe the Scope

How far-reaching is this issue? If the issue is only happening on certain pages, or certain types of pages, or only in certain areas of thw world, or only to logged in usersYou can think about this like parts of a news story. Answer the 4 Ws:

Who: Who is affected by this? All customers? Logged-in users? People with an item in their cart?

What: What is the erratic behavior that's happening? Does a widget not load? Is the wrong picture appearing? What is going on?

Where: Where is the problem happening? Sometimes an issue affects a single page, sometimes only a few pages, sometimes all pages. Which is it? This can also refer to where in the world are the affected visitors. If people in Europe see with no issue, but your Asian customers are having an issue, please let us know those specifics.

When: When did you start seeing this issue? Does it only happen during certain times of day or during certain actions?

Answering these questions will help us help you as fast as possible.

Do you still see the problem when you put the site in Bypass mode?

If you put the site into Bypass mode and flush your browser cache, do you still see the problem? If so, it’s almost certainly your origin server.

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