How to: Avoid timeouts on admin functions

When your site is optimized by Yottaa, all traffic to that domain flows through the Yottaa servers. This is standard practice for all intermediaries, as DNS can only point to one CNAME. In order to preserve the functionality of our servers, all Yottaa loadbalancers have a hardcoded max connection lifetime. As a result of these two facts, certain connections take too long, and run into this limit, and are closed. Here are some examples of admin functions that can take longer than the maximum time allowed by Yottaa loadbalancers:

  • Exports: Exporting a large amount of data, such as new customer information
  • Import: Adding a large list of new products, or price updates
  • Report: Weekly sales figures, traffic reports, any other kind of large report

If your site is having this issue, we recommend that you set up a subdomain of your site and use that for these functions. For example, if your site optimized in Yottaa is, add the subdomain Do not add the subdomain to your Yottaa account. Copy or move the scripts from your main site to this subdomain, or point the subdomain at the appropriate area on your origin server. Your DNS entries for these two domains will look something like:

www 300 in CNAME

admin 300 in A (origin server IP goes here)

You should now be able to use this subdomain, free of timeouts.

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