Yottaa Product Update - October 2014


Yottaa has released a feature-packed update to our cloud service.  This update covers the new features and interfaces deployed to the Yottaa's Cloud service and web Portal UI.


Feature Highlights

    • Performance: Enhancements to InstantON
      • Yottaa's InstantON technology has been enhanced, allowing any dynamic page to be delivered and rendered immediately. Yottaa now allows any dynamic element to be separated from the static elements on the page, allowing Yottaa to cache an optimized, static version of that page with placeholders inserted in place of the dynamic content.  Read our documentation for more information on using InstantON
    • Engagement: Layer 4-7 Request Redirects and JavaScript Security Challenge
      • Yottaa's Web Application Firewall (WAF) supports layer 4-7 traffic traffic filtering, and now includes redirect capabilities as well. This feature controls access to your site or online app by channel, device type, geography and request URL among other factors, and can be especially useful to improve usability, and in scheduled maintenance scenarios. For more information on configuring redirect rules, contact Yottaa Professional Services.
      • We have further extended Yottaa's ability to secure your site, ensure a consistent user experience, and improve attribution analytics with a JavaScript challenge feature. When your site is targeted by robot traffic, it can impact performance sitewide and skew attribution results. With our JavaScript challenge feature, visitor traffic is challenged to verify it is a real visitor before being allowed further access to site resources. For more information on configuring a JavaScript challenge, contact Yottaa Professional Services.
    • Impact: Availability Monitoring and Enhanced Monitoring Schedules
      • Site availability is a critical SLA metric, and a cornerstone for the perception of quality and trustworthiness for any site. The impact of downtime on revenues and customer loyalty are severe. Yottaa ensures that every site is automatically configured with an availability monitor to ensure that you meet and exceed high availability SLAs by supporting 99.999% ("five nines") guarantees.
      • Unattended monitoring, historical trending, and the ability to triage and troubleshoot issues is critical to optimizing site performance. Yottaa has added the ability to configure chronological monitoring for web monitors. This ensures you can monitor and analyze end user experience and device, location, network connectivity and URL performance on custom schedules to capture hard to find performance anomalies and otherwise customize your view of historical site performance.



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