Can I use an Extended Validation Certificate with my site on Yottaa?

Yes, you can use an Extended Validation Certificate ("Extended Validation Certificate" for short) through Yottaa. You will need to encrypt and send us the certificate, and we will need to set up a dedicated topology to serve the certificate. Please consult with your account executive for more information about fees for these services.

Wildcard Certificates

Wildcard certificates are for all subdomains of one domain. * would be one such wildcard domain. If you have multiple subdomains covered by a Wildcard Extended Validation Certificate, we can place that on a dedicated topology and then serve all of subdomains through that one topology. This way, you can have multiple sites on Yottaa, but covered by the same Extended Validation Certificate.

Adding To Yottaa

To set up a dedicated Yottaa topology for your Extended Validation Certificate, please contact Client Services. Do not send your certificate via unencrypted email.

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