Yottaa Product Update - March 2015


This month, Yottaa has released significant updates to our ContextNavigator web portal.  These enhancements will provide improved visibility, organization and usability for our enterprise customers.

Feature Highlights

  • Organization Management
    • The new Organization screen provides an at-a-glance overview of all users and their roles within the organization.
    • Inviting additional users has been simplified to a push-button process.
  • Role-Based Access
    • Organizations can now easily set role-based access for users.
    • The following roles have been defined:
      • Viewer: read only role
      • Editor: edit existing objects and configurations
      • Administrator: complete organizational management
      • Tech: real-time cache and Yottaa status management
      • Finance Viewer: view subscription and billing information
      • Finance Administrator: complete subscription and billing management
  • Centralized Management of Notification Settings
    • Notifications can be fully managed along organizational boundaries to improve the efficiency and security of automated issues and alerts
  • Access to Multiple Accounts
    • Yottaa partners now have a simplified ability to manage their customer accounts

Questions or want additional information?

Please contact us at support@yottaa.com

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