Why is IE8 on Windows XP Not Supported with Yottaa?

Internet Explorer 8, otherwise known as IE8, while on the unsupported Windows XP operating system has a known vulnerability known to be vulnerable to the BEAST attack. The BEAST attack is an attack that affects TLS 1.0 and SSL 3.0 or lower which requires the server to support the RC4 cipher. The BEAST attack allows an attack to send a specially crafted packet to the web site viewer which allows encrypted traffic to be extracted in plain text, exposing end users to having their information stolen.

Due to the vulnerabilities that this would create Yottaa does not support the RC4 cipher within our cipher suite. What this means is that visitors to your site using the insecure Internet Explorer 8 web browser on the unsupported Windows XP cannot transition between secured and unsecured portions of your website while using this browser. Options for end users who are still using the insecure IE8 can include using another browser such as Firefox or Chrome which are available to these users at no cost through their respective sites.

Yottaa can provide a redirect for these affected users so that they are made aware of the issue before checking out, or you can provide your own redirect solution. If you have any questions please reach out to Yottaa so that we can help you. 

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