Yottaa Product Update - May 2015


This month Yottaa has rolled out significant updates to our optimization profiles, focusing on mobile experience.

Feature Highlights

  • Mobile Search Profile
Yottaa released a new profile that allows it to deliver an optimized HTML page from cache, utilizing mobile CSS and specific image transformations, to ensure Google’s mSEO bots receive a page with the best possible mobile performance. This ensures high mobile ranking on Google mobile search results following the new SEO algorithms rolled out by Google on April 21st.
Read more about this in our blog here: Why Google Changed the mSEO Rank and How to Take Advantage
  • Tablet Profile
The proliferation of mobile devices of various form factors drives new web site designs geared towards different screen sizes and user experience. Yottaa is meeting this demand by adding a new profile dedicated to tablet users, allowing a differentiated optimization from traditional mobile devices.
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