How do I set or reset filters on my monitors?

When using monitors you may want the ability to set filters that allow you to specify date ranges, locations, types of samples, and specific data. To set or clear these specific configuration settings go to your Organization page, then select Monitors at the top of the page in the menu bar.

Here you will see monitors set up for your site/s. Active monitors will show with a green eye icon, inactive monitors will show a gray eye. Click on the active monitor you wish to clear or set filters for. On the next page you will see a summary that includes the site the monitor is set for, any recent issues, as well as general performance information. Scrolling down the page will show you results regarding specific locations and data samples in chronological order according to GMT. Click the green button labelled "Edit Filter".

On this page you'll be able to select the appropriate radio dial for the type of information you'd like to monitor, the date range with the start and stop calendars, the physical locations to monitor, as well as which specific back end data to log.

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