How do I view traffic reports for my sites on Yottaa?

Viewing data usage reports for sites hosted on Yottaa can be viewed through the Yottaa portal on the Usage page for each site.

  1. From your organization page click Sites then select the site that you'd like to view from the list on the page
  2. The Site Usage page should now be displayed. You can customized the pie chart views on this page by specifying HTTP or HTTPS, the date range and change the sample size between daily and monthly
  3. To change the date range click the first date next to "from" at the top right hand corner of the page to set the starting date, then select the ending date using the date to the right of the word "to"

  4. To change the data from the default selection of combined HTTP/S data click the word "all"  at the top right of either the Number of Requests pie chart or the Bytes Processed pie chart

    Next select either "HTTP" or "HTTPS"which changes the selection text to your selected option

  5. To reset your view to combined data click either"http" or "https" depending upon your selection and then select the words "show all" in the top right of the drop down that appears

  6. To change the sample size from the default Daily to Monthly select the dropdown next to "Show the Requests and Bytes for this site on a" and choose "Monthly" 

    Next press the button labelled "Update" that changes from gray to green.

    To set back to daily is the same process except you will select "Daily" instead of "Monthly"

Some information to note

  • The usage data on the portal is not live, but has a delay of usually between 2 and 4 hours
  • Each Site Visitor profile has their own Site Usage data and these can be viewed by selecting the appropriate tab

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