What is Domain Sharding and when would I use it?

Domain Sharding is a feature that enables Yottaa to send multiple streams to a browser enabling the entire site to load faster. While this feature can be very useful in some cases, in some cases it will provide little benefit in speeding up the page time for end users to the site. Domain sharding exists because of a specification in HTTP/1.1 established in 1999 that put caps on the number of connections a web browser could make to a single server simultaneously. Because Yottaa has optimization enhancements that already speed up page load times, many Yottaa clients would not significantly benefit from this additional feature being turned on. The following is a break down of considerations when contemplating using domain sharding for your site.

When domain sharding may be useful include:

  • Sites that call many different resources including Javascript, Images, CSS, and others that cannot be further optimized by Yottaa
  • Sites already optimized but still experiencing slowdowns when users load numerous small images

When domain sharding is not useful:

  • When users have slow bandwidth connections
  • Mobile focused sites - the CPU and bandwidth overhead are the limiting factors
  • Sites that are already heavily maximized and already experiencing increased performance
  • Sites with a small number of very large images

It's important to note that in many cases, Yottaa optimizations on a site will increase the speed of a site so that sharding does not produce a noticeable affect on page load speeds. If done improperly sharding can even cause the page load speed to increase, so sharding is best done only after evaluating other options for optimization for your site.

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