Yottaa Product Update – Summer 2015

The product team at Yottaa has been busy this summer. We are happy to announce new and exciting features that we rolled out over the last couple of months. 


The portal has been updated with new pages dedicated to Analytics capabilities:

Log Access

We capture all HTTP requests directed to your sites and aggregate them on an hourly basis. You can configure the system to forward these logs to an S3 bucket you own, allowing you to analyze them with your favorite tools & scripts.

Traffic Anomaly Detection

You can now define issues that track anomalies in HTTP traffic directed to your sites, such as an uptake in 5xx errors or requests coming from a specific geo. The system will optionally alert you on these anomalies and capture the details for your review. 

Security Dashboard

To top the Analytics capabilities, we are offering a new dashboard dedicated to visualization and mining of traffic patterns. The dashboard displays real time data with instant access to the top browsers, content types, errors, countries, IPs, URLs and user agents. The dashboard is highly interactive for research purposes and allows you to filter the data to understand the root cause of an anomaly.


Origin Shield

Protecting your origin servers to only accept traffic from the Yottaa infrastructure is a critical security requirement. You can enable Origin Shield to take advantage of this capability and get the information you need to update your firewall rules.


Dual Factor Authentication

Users who are looking for an additional protection layer of their login credentials can use our new Dual Factor Authentication capability. We support SMS and Google Authenticator for authentication code delivery. Organizations can opt in to enroll all their users to use DFA, or allow their users to enroll individually.


New Roles

For more granular control within the Yottaa portal, we have created two new roles to our permissions system:

Cache Manager – This role only allows a user to flush cache.

Security Admin – This role allows a user to set security settings for a site, such as firewall rules and Origin Shield.


Geo Headers

You can now configure Yottaa to pass geographical information to the origin server via custom headers. This information can be used for various purposes, such as targeting user demographics and content personalization. If you would like to utilize this feature, please contact support or your client services representative.


Websitetest.com refresh

We have put a new face to our popular web performance testing tool, www.websitetest.com, making it easier to configure the tests and understand the results.


Removal of TLS 1.0 in the Yottaa portal

New requirements from the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard have mandated the End-of-Life of SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.0. To comply with that requirement we have removed SSL 3.0 from the vast majority of our systems, including all end user and customer facing systems. There will be no change to how end users access websites hosted on the Yottaa platform. Note that access to our web portal at apps.yottaa.com is no longer possible via legacy browsers that do not support TLS 1.1 and above.




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