How do I access traffic logs to my site?

Yottaa enables you to have access to HTTP request logs related to your sites by exporting these logs to an AWS S3 bucket you own.

Log Configuration

In order to enable this feature Yottaa needs permission to write data to your bucket. The Log Configuration page captures the required settings for this capability.

Select “Log Configuration” under the “Site Settings” menu:

Within the Log Configuration page you can enable the log access feature. The page captures all the required information required by Yottaa to send logs to your AWS S3 bucket.

Step 1 - Create a group for Yottaa to access your bucket:

Login to your AWS account with your root credentials.

Go to the Groups screen:

Create a new group, "YottaaS3Users" and give it AmazonS3FullAccess policy

Step 2 - Create a user for Yottaa to access your bucket:

Go to the Groups screen: 

Create a user for Yottaa, “customer_yottaa_s3”, ensure that “Generate an access key for each user” checkbox is selected.

Click on “Show User Security Credentials"

Copy the Access Key ID, paste it to the User Access Key ID

Copy the Secret Access Key, paste it to the User Secret Access Key

For a future reference to these keys, select "Download Credentials”

Step 3 - Add the Yottaa user to the Yottaa group:

Select the user “customer_yottaa_s3” and click "Add User to Groups”, select "YottaaS3Users""

Step 4 - Create a bucket to write logs to

Create a bucket under your AWS account. Enter the bucket name in the Bucket Name field.

When you have completed entering all the required information, you can test the connection to your bucket by clicking the “Test” button.

If the test passed, you can then enable the feature by selecting the checkbox Status and saving the setting. Yottaa will start placing files in your bucket within 1 hour.

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