Yottaa Product Update - Winter 2015

Over the last few months of 2015 the product team at Yottaa has released a number of updates to the Yottaa platform and customer portal:

Analytics Dashboard

The new real-time analytics dashboard from Yottaa debuted in Summer 2015. Since then we’ve continued to improve the user experience with a number of features to make troubleshooting your vast data quick and easy!

  • PDF Export - You can now export the dashboard to PDF, allowing you to share the dashboard content with people who do not have access to the Yottaa portal.
  • Top Referrers table – A new component was added to the dashboard showing the top referrers for requests to your site.
  • Export tables to CSV – All of the “Top” tables (Countries, IPs, User Agents, URLs, & Referrers) can now be exported to CSV format. While the dashboard only displays the top 10 entries for each table, the CSV export exposes the top 1000, allowing you to analyze the data outside the dashboard.
  • Filter summary – the total count of filtered data and its percentage of the total traffic is now displayed under the total traffic at the top of the dashboard
  • % of Total view – Any time you have selected a filter on the dashboard, you can now choose to view the request trend as a “% of Total Requests”. This allows you to detect spikes otherwise unnoticed when looking at absolute values.
  • More granular time intervals –The trend chart now plots more data points, making it easier to notice short spikes in traffic over a longer time period.
  • Plotting pie chart segments as stacked area chart – the Response Code pie chart can now be plotted over time to quickly detect anomalies across all error code groups. In this mode the trend graph changes to stacked area graph to show how each of the response code categories trends over time.
  • Inverting filters - Filters can be inverted. For example if you want to view all response codes but 2xx, you can select "Response Code: 2xx" and then invert it, which now changes the filter color to mean "Response Code not 2xx".
  • Inspect panel for Top IPs - This new panel provides data gathered from various sources to help provide additional context around suspect IPs and take action on them. The panel includes DNS lookup info, Whois info, Link to google maps based on IP coordinates and the ability to quickly generate firewall actions within the Yottaa Firewall.

Traffic Issues

Issues generated by detecting traffic anomalies will now automatically close 2 hours after the last event for that same type of issue was raised. This ensures that anomalies of a similar nature that are more than 120 minutes apart are treated as separate issues.

Performance Improvements

Yottaa continues to improve upon its award-winning acceleration technology. 

  • InstantOn Improvements - We’ve improved the effectiveness of InstantOn by applying more intelligent handling of the presence of dynamic/personalized script blocks in the head section, allowing the Yottaa platform to cache more content on pages that contained such scenarios. While uncommon and not considered best practice, the existence of such data in the head section had previously reduced the effectiveness of InstantOn.
  • WEBP Support - Yottaa now supports image transcoding to the WEBP format, allowing for improved image compression.


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