Setting Up a Maintenance Site

With Yottaa you can create a maintenance site, upload its content, set up which sites are associated with this maintenance site, and put sites into and out of maintenance mode. This article shows you how to perform these tasks.

Create a Maintenance Site

Creating a maintenance site is very similar to creating a regular site, with one difference. Click on Add Site in the Organization Dashboard and in the following screen make sure that the “This is a Maintenance Site” option is checked.

Upload Content for a Maintenance Site

Once the maintenance site is created, you can manage it the same way as any other site. However there is an additional configuration option for a maintenance site that allows you to upload its content. You can access this page by selecting “Maintenance Mode” under the Site Settings menu on the left.

Click Upload Files to select the files that make up your maintenance site. When you are done uploading the content the page will look like this:

Select the file that will function as your default page and click “Set as Default”.

You can also use the table to delete unnecessary files by selecting the file(s) and clicking Delete.

Associate sites with a Maintenance Site

You can associate regular sites with a maintenance site using these options:

  1. Via the maintenance site.

In the Maintenance Mode configuration page for the maintenance site select which sites should be associated with the maintenance site and click Save.

2. Via a regular site.

In the Maintenance Mode configuration page for the regular site select which maintenance site should be associated with the site and click Save.

Put a Site into Maintenance Mode

At this point all required configurations are complete. You can now put a regular site in maintenance mode by selecting Maintenance Mode in the site drop down.

When you select this mode a confirmation dialog will ask you to enter a reason and comment for putting the site in maintenance mode.

When the maintenance period is complete you can put the site back in live mode in the site drop down.

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