Analyzing Firewall events in the Security Dashboard

To access the Security Dashboard, open the Security menu and select Security Dashboard. The security dashboard is similar to the Analytics Dashboard, but it adds firewall events to the mix. Several dashboard components are used to analyze firewall events.

Firewall Activity Pie Chart

The Firewall Activity pie chart allows you to analyze percentages of firewall events. When you open the dashboard the pie chart shows you the percentage of firewall events from the total events for the selected time period.

You can drill down to the firewalled slice to see distribution of firewall events by action type:


Trend Chart

The trend chart can be used to plot the firewall events by type of activity by clicking the "show stacked trendline" icon next to the firewall activity pie chart. In this view you can see the distribution of firewall events by type over time:

 The trend chart will also show you audit trail events related to firewall rules that took place in the selected timeframe:


Top Firewall Rules Table

The top firewall rules table shows you the number of times each rule triggered. You can also select individual firewall rules to see their activity on the trend chart:

Rule names starting with "(system)" are global rules managed by Yottaa. In the example above "(system) Yottaa System Default Throttling" is a throttling rule that protects the Yottaa platform from abnormal high rates of traffic.

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