How To: Add a New Authorized User

This article covers how to create a new authorized Yottaa portal user for a specific organization.


Note: If adding an email address without access to the actual inbox submit a support ticket to Yottaa for assistance.


1. Log into the Yottaa portal and load your organization.

2. On the main organization page locate the “Users And Access Control” section.

3. Click “New authorized user”

4. Fill in the email address, and select the roles you wish to grant the account.

Note: Roles include descriptions during setup. You can assign multiple roles to one user depending on the needed permissions.

5. Click “Create Persona”

Note: New User invitations will remain valid for 72 hours after creation. After 72 hours a new invitation is needed to activate the user.

a. An invite will be sent to the users email with an “Accept Invitation” link.

b. Once the user accepts they will be redirected to an “Enter your new password” page. Here they will create their password for the portal.

Example Organization Setup, a Yottaa customer, has 4 people that need access to Yottaa: The account owner, the finance person who pays the bills, a tech who is responsible for making changes, and an intern who only needs view access. Here's how the organization is set up:

  • Account Owner- This is the user responsible for the account. They may need to make changes to any part of the account, whether it's billing or flushing caches or turning on new features. They will need:
    • Organization Administrator
    • Organization Finance Administrator
  • Accountant- This user will need to be able to access all of the billing information and make changes, but does not touch the technical side of the account. We'll give them view access in case they need to verify something, and full access to all billing-related items. They will need:
    • Organization Finance Administrator
    • Organization Viewer
  • Tech- This user will be making the majority of the changes to how Yottaa optimizes They aren't concerned with the billing, but they will need to be able to make changes to the site. However, they should not be able to remove sites or create new users. They will need:
    • Organization Editor
  • Intern- This user will not need to make changes to the site, but in their daily activities may need to see any part of the account, whether in the site configuration or billing settings. They have their own login, but can't make any changes. They will need:
    • Organization Finance Viewer
    • Organization Viewer
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