How To: Use Issue Definitions and Notifications

Yottaa offers the ability to track the current requests, automate actions based on thresholds the user sets, and notify portal users in the event that the threshold has been crossed.

To get started setting up your Issue Definition, select the Issue Definition tab in the left side column in the Yottaa portal:

Select the "New Issue Definition option in the top right corner:


Define the issue you wish to monitor:

1. Select a severity level.
    Issues are broken into 3 severity levels

  • Fatal    
  • Critical
  • Warning

Note: These severity levels will correspond to the user’s notification settings, determining which parties are to receive the email when triggered.

2.  Give the Alert a meaningful name that indicates its purpose.
3.  Select a threshold parameter:                 


-Drops Below

4.  Enter the number of requests that will trigger the notification.

5.  Select the time frame for requests you wish to monitor.

6.  To select the type of request you wish to monitor click the "Add Filter" button, and choose from the drop down menu.

      (ie, IP, Continent/Country/Location, User Agent, Browser, etc...)

7.  The filter options will change depending on the Request Type you select

       (ie. User Agent will present Equals, doesn’t equal, contains, doesn’t contain, etc…)

8.  Enter the value you in the remaining space for requests to be monitored.

       (ie. Monitoring URL for a specific page may include a piece of the string.)


Note: Most Request Types will have a preloaded list where you can choose the value without inputting anything into the field, but by simply selecting it.


 9.  Ensure your Issue Definition is Enabled , and click 


Setting up Notifications


Notifications are alerts sent out based on Issue Definitions from the Analytics section of the portal. You must have configured an Issue Definition in order to receive notifications.


1.  Click the User Icon in the upper right hand corner of the portal.

2.  Select “Organization” from the drop down menu

3.  From the “Organization” page select the “Notification Settings” option in the top right corner.

4.  You will see three sections corresponding to each severity level (Warning, Critica, Fatal) when configuring an Issue Definition. Select the level that matches the Issue Definition you’ve already configured.
5.  Select the notification drop down for each user that will receive the notification within that severity level, and select the contact method.

6.  Configure the notification settings at the top of the severity level.

a. Send notification immediately - Notifies on first occurrence of threshold breach.
b. Use the strikes option if you wish to delay the notification until it’s been triggered 1-10 times.

7.  Receive a notification when the issue has been resolved with the “Send OK” option.

8.  Click in the top right hand of the Notification Level.

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