TLS 1.0 EOL - Update

On May 1st 2018 Yottaa will complete removal of TLS 1.0 support in accordance with PCI SSC version 3.1.This change has been in process since the release of PCI SSC standard update in 2015 and is required for Yottaa customers to maintain their own PCI compliance. 

This past year we’ve communicated with all customers regarding this change. Yottaa has been working with any customers that have shown a significant amount of sessions from the likely effected browsers.

Effected browsers:        

Chrome 1-21

Firefox 1-26

IE 1-10

Safari 1-6

Using these browser versions may result in not being able to access secure pages, or in the following errors:        

Note: These errors are very generic. The session will not even connect to Yottaa because this error is from the browser itself. Each browser version may present a different error (these are examples).


Internet Explorer Message:



Firefox Message:



Chrome Message:



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